In this class of BASICS OF INCOME TAX, we are going to study about all five heads of Income, Salary, House Property, Capital Gains, PGBP and Other Sources.

In this class of Income Tax, we are going to study about the basics of Income Tax. Tax is a charge usually of money imposed by authority on persons or property for public purposes.

Direct Tax can be further classified as Income Tax and Tax on Undisclosed Foreign Income and Assets. Indirect Tax is now reduced to Goods and Services Tax (GST) and Custom Duty.

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Course Curriculum

Lesson 1: Introduction to Income Tax Law
Definitions 00:20:00
Computation of Gross Total Income and Tax 00:45:00
Slab rates for Assessee- Individual, HUF, AOP, BOI, AJP 01:00:00
Marginal Relief 00:45:00
Basics of Income Tax Quiz 00:07:00
Slab Rates for Other Assessee- A.Y. 2018-19 01:00:00
Agricultural Income and Taxation 00:45:00
Capital Receipts and Revenue Receipts 00:15:00
Lesson 2: Residential Status and Tax Liability
Determination of Residential Status 01:30:00
Basics of Income Tax- Assignment 1 45, 00:00
Residential Status of Individual- Numericals 00:50:00
Assignment on Residential Status 180, 00:00
Residential Status of Other Assessee 00:45:00
Scope of Income 00:45:00
Lesson 3: Exemptions under Section 10
Special Allowances under Section 10(14) 00:20:00
Leave Travel Allowance under Section 10(5) 01:15:00
House Rent Allowance under Section 10(13A) 01:00:00
Assignment in House Rent Allowance 180, 00:00
Agricultural Income and Taxation 00:45:00
Other Exemptions under Section 10 01:00:00
Lesson 4: Income from Salary
Introduction to Salary 00:30:00
Allowances under Salary 01:00:00
House Rent Allowance under Section 10(13A) 01:00:00
Assignment in House Rent Allowance 180, 00:00
Leave Travel Allowance under Section 10(5) 01:15:00
Tax on Leave Encashment 00:45:00
Tax on Gratuity 00:30:00
Tax on Pension 00:45:00
Retrenchment Compensation and its Taxation 00:30:00
Taxability of Voluntary Retirement Scheme 00:30:00
Provident Fund 00:50:00
Rent Free Accommodation- Perquisites 01:00:00
Motor Car as Perquisite 01:00:00
Other Perquisites 01:00:00
Tax Rebate under Section 87A 00:45:00
Tax relief under Section 89(1) on salary arrears 00:45:00
Lesson 5: Income from House Property
Introduction to House Property 00:30:00
Municipal Taxes- House Property 00:45:00
Deductions allowed from Income from House Property 00:30:00
Self Occupied Property 00:30:00
Lesson 6: Income from Profits and Gains of Business or Profession
Lesson 7: Income from Capital Gains
Lesson 8: Income from Other Sources
Lesson 9: Set-off and Carry forward
Lesson 10: Clubbing of Income
Lesson 11: Deductions under Schedule VI-A
Lesson 12: Advanced Tax, TDS and TCS
Lesson 13: Computation of Tax
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